Misson Statement

I am Shishir Khadka,  the Cash Flow specialist.

I’ve seen too many businesses crumble due to cash flow problems. As your Cash Flow Specialist CFO, I’ll partner with you to transform cash flow chaos into control. With my Cash Flow Freedom Formula™ and over two decades of experience as a Chartered Certified Accountant, helping clients reach £53.8m annual revenues, I’ll empower you to build a scalable, wealth-generating business.

My Turning Point

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, torn between dreams and reality? Let’s walk through mine…

It was July 2002. I had just returned from Guildford Rock School of Music, my heart ablaze with the ambition to become a professional musician. I dreamed of serenading crowds, my melodies echoing off vast arenas…

A phone call changed everything.

My mother’s voice, laced with fear and worry, revealed the heartbreaking news: my father had been hospitalised with a cardiac arrest. Driven by love and urgency, I booked the next flight to Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal.

My parents ran a commercial property business that, like many ventures, fell victim to some poor financial decisions, leading to its eventual collapse. The stress, a silent predator, had pounced on my father’s health.

Their situation left me feeling helpless, lost in a sea of financial intricacies that I couldn’t navigate at the time.

Have you ever felt a desperate need to help someone but found yourself shackled by limitations? That frustration… it’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

When you consider that 82% of businesses worldwide fail due to poor cash flow management, it’s a sombre realisation that my parents were not alone in their struggle. The impact was not just financial, but personal.

I made a promise then – a vow to master the art of financial decision-making, so no one else would have to endure what my parents went through.

Journey of a Cash Flow Maestro

In 2003, I embarked on a journey to become a chartered accountant, a mission I accomplished by 2009. During that time, I juggled full-time employment in an accounting firm in Putney, London, with rigorous exam preparation. It was a gruelling period, but like you, I believe that nothing worth having comes easy.

In 2016, I founded Boost Accounting with the vision to enhance the traditional accounting landscape. I sought to provide proactive advisory services, utilise modern automation technologies, and deliver value-based pricing. Boost Accounting swiftly grew to a multiple six-figure business before merging with another firm in 2020.

During this time, my passion for eCommerce businesses was ignited. I guided a retailer’s rise from £1.2m in 2010 to £9.8m by November 2022. We weathered cash flow challenges and charted a course towards positive cash flow, financial stability, and sustainable growth. I then helped another eCommerce business scale from £500k to £1.8m in just 16 months. The lessons learned shaped my book, “The Three Key Obstacles To Faster Growth and How To Overcome Them Using Cloud Accounting.”

My work and over 20 years of relentless refinement resulted in the C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W Freedom Formula. It’s a proprietary process to transform a business from a cash-eating monster to a cash-making machine. And that’s what I do all day, every day and where I am now, a Cash Flow Specialist dedicated to guiding established businesses towards a cash-rich future.

I’m no superhero. I’m an everyday family man blessed with a wonderful wife and an adorable 9-year-old daughter, Siyona. I’m simply a man who found his calling in the chaos of life, dedicated to sharing my expertise.

The Birth Of YouTube Channel

Life has a funny way of throwing lemons at us when we least expect it.

In 2020, COVID-19 struck and, with it, brought a wave of financial uncertainty. Clients flocked to me with one pressing question: “How do we manage cash flow in a crisis?”

My solution was a video guide, initially intended for private viewing, but the positive feedback led to its public release and the birth of my YouTube channel.

The Birth Of Cash Flow Hub

World’s most comprehensive cash flow resource online

Then came a personal setback. My dental health required urgent attention, leading to a full mouth dental implant. My speaking ability was temporarily compromised, and I had to halt my YouTube contributions. Yet, I found a silver lining in the situation. The enforced break led me to the world of blogging, where I could share my knowledge without speaking a single word.

After 14 months of diligent writing, the Cash Flow Hub was born in March 2022, housing a rich treasury of actionable content on cash flow. It’s an ongoing project, a testament to my commitment as an ever-learnt student of cash flow.

Through my dental ordeal, I met Dr. Manish Chitnis. Not only did he restore my dental health, but he also became a valued client. Our journey together reaffirmed my belief in the gift of sharing knowledge and the incredible impact it can have on someone’s life.

Bridging the Cash Flow Gap

Hungry Cash Flow Software

Realizing the struggles of overwhelmed business owners, the ‘Hungry Cash Flow Software’ was conceptualized. Built on control, decision-making, and funnelling, it offers a comprehensive solution to cash flow woes without the hassles of traditional accounting.

If you’re poised to rewrite your business’s financial narrative, I’m here, ready to guide you towards a cash-rich future.


Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Today, as I stand at the intersection of my past experiences and future aspirations, I realise the power of a dream, the beauty of resilience, and the magic that unfolds when you embrace life’s lemons and make lemonade.

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