Cash Flow Management Services: The Key To Generating Consistent Positive Cash Flow And Fueling Your Business Growth


If you’re an ambitious business owner ready to scale profitably, I’m Shishir Khadka, the UK’s leading cash flow specialist. With two decades of experience, including helping businesses reach £53.8m in revenue, I’m passionate about empowering growth-minded owners like you to overcome cash flow constraints and achieve financial control. Let’s unlock the hidden cash fueling your next level of success.

You may be thinking, why should you believe me?

From my experience of working with small business owners and entrepreneurs over the last two decades, I have shared my learnings through major sites such as Float app, Zoho, and Independent. I am a professionally qualified Chartered Certified Accountant turned cash flow expert. I serve my clients through Hungry Cash Flow Ltd using my proprietary cash flow maximization software, Hungry Cash Flow, and I implement my proprietary process, The M.A.P. Method, of controlling cash flow. This is what I do, all day every day for a living. 

So don’t worry, you are in safe hands.

For example, I helped a dental practice owner with £1.8m patient income across three dental practices, going from £89k overdrawn to £112k in credit in 16 months.


He bought another dental practice. He is currently doing a combined patient income of £2.7m. His dental practice runs smoothly and is powered by sound financial management.

Here’s what he said

Then there’s a marketing agency doing £523k annual revenue based in Portsmouth. But cash flow was in red.  She hired me and my team for cash management service.

After making a few changes to cash flow drivers, her cash flow has been in BLACK ever since she has been on top of her cash management.

If you want similar results, read on.

I will explain everything you need to know about it.

The Frustrating Reality of Growth-Minded Businesses

Ever feel like your business is a cash-eating monster? Despite growing revenue, there seems to be never enough cash on hand to cover expenses. This is a common “growth pain.”

While profit looks good on paper, cash pays the bills and fuels your ambitions.

How Healthy is Your Cash Flow? Take Our Interactive Quiz!

Before you read further if you are curious or concerned about cash flow health. You can take my interactive quiz. It grades your cash flow health into four categories:

  1. POOR
  2. FAIR
  3. GOOD

Based on your information, I will provide you with a specific action plan to improve your cash flow.

Take the quiz and get the feedback in less than 60 seconds.

Take the Quiz

Curious to find out how healthy your cash flow is? Take this quiz. In less than 60 secs, it will show your situation and the steps you can take to improve.

Working with Shishir has given me newfound clarity and peace of mind. I finally feel in control of my business's future.

Your Cash Flow Roadmap: Get Actionable Insights from Your Quiz Results

Ready to transform your cash flow based on your specific needs? Find your result bucket below for tailored advice:

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Warning Signs Your Cash Flow Needs Attention

Working with small business owners and entrepreneurs, I have seen that even when revenue is increasing, unforeseen cash flow issues can silently damage financial stability and even solvency.

Let me share the warning signs with you and help you deal with them before it becomes too late.

Overdraft Dependence

If your business credit card or overdraft is constantly maxed out, it’s a clear sign your cash flow isn’t keeping up with expenses. A marketing agency I worked with they were close to their £29k overdraft limit and still needed more – a dangerous situation for any business. After we streamlined their cash flow, they were able to pay off the overdraft and build a healthy cash reserve.

Shocked by Unexpected Costs:

Are you struggling to cover a sudden tax bill or a necessary upgrade? If so, you lack a cash buffer, which can put your business at risk.

Customers Owe You Money

As your business grows, it’s normal for accounts receivable to increase. But if many of your invoices are past due, it’s time to tighten up your collections process.

Do you need to outsource cash flow management services? 


Finding the Right Cash Flow Management Solution

Finding the right cash flow solution starts with understanding why it’s so easy to overlook. 

Let’s dive into the top reasons I see ambitious business owners struggling with cash flow.

Why Busy Owners Often Neglect Cash Flow

Lack of Financial Expertise

Financial jargon and complex concepts can overwhelm cash flow, leading to procrastination.

Time Constraints

 When you’re already burning the midnight oil, analyzing cash flow can feel like another burden on your plate.

Misplaced Focus

 It’s easy to think revenue growth is the only solution, neglecting the critical importance of healthy cash flow.

Pros and Cons of Using a Cash Flow Expert vs. Accountant/Bookkeeper

As both a Chartered Accountant and cash flow specialist, I’ve seen the difference firsthand.

Let’s break down the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your business.


Accountants and bookkeepers are essential for tax filings and historical record-keeping. However, they may not have the time or specialized focus to provide proactive cash flow analysis and strategic advice.

Cash Flow Expert:

A cash flow expert is like a financial strategist for your business. They focus on ensuring financial stability, uncovering hidden cash, and proactively planning for growth. While this expertise is invaluable, it naturally comes with an additional investment on top of your existing accounting services.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Cash Flow Management

Feeling overwhelmed by cash flow? It’s tough to manage what you can’t see. Outsourcing to a specialist brings clarity and offers several key advantages:

Accountability and Expert Guidance

 A cash flow specialist is your financial co-pilot, offering consistent support and specialized knowledge to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Cost-Effective Solution

 Outsourcing often saves you money compared to an in-house expert. You avoid the overhead costs of salary, benefits, and training.

Focus on Your Strengths

 Free up your time and mental energy to focus on what you do best – running your business! Let the cash flow expert handle the financial complexities.

Partnering with Shishir Khadka: Your Cash Flow Specialist

Take control of your cash flow, achieve financial stability, and scale your business with confidence – without the overwhelm and stress. I offer a personalized, proactive approach tailored to your unique business needs.

Our Cash Flow Optimization Process

The M.A.P Method

My proprietary M.A.P. Method gives you complete visibility and control over your cash flow. This proven method has helped hundreds of clients across various industries.

Key Differentiators

I’ve streamlined the M.A.P. Method even further with my custom software, Hungry Cash Flow, for maximum efficiency and results.

Maximizing Your Cash Flow

In addition to my core process, I also specialize in:

  • Cash Flow Planning: Strategic plans for organic growth or acquisitions.
  • Cash Flow Maximization: Optimizing key drivers for consistent positive cash flow, reducing reliance on sales alone.

My Expertise and Credentials

  • Fully qualified Chartered Certified Accountant since 2009, bringing deep financial knowledge to optimize your cash flow.
  • Award-winning entrepreneur with Brand Builders Club, demonstrating my commitment to growth and innovation.
  • Creator of The Cash Flow Hub, the world’s most comprehensive online cash flow resource, showcasing my passion for education.
  • Featured in leading UK sites like Independent, sharing my cash flow expertise with a wide audience.
  • Delivered cash flow masterclasses to the global powerhouse Zoho, highlighting my recognized authority in the field.
  • Over the past two decades, I’ve helped businesses across various sectors increase their cash flow health and achieve their financial goals.

Learn more about my background and experience

Detailed Case Study: Client Transformation Story

See how I helped a struggling dental practice owner transform their cash flow and achieve their expansion goal.

Case Study Key Takeaways

Here’s what we learned:

  • Identifying High-Margin Revenue Streams: Focus on optimizing profitability, not just top-line growth. By analyzing their services, we pinpointed the treatments driving the highest profit margins, leading to increased revenue without a proportional increase in expenses.
  • Strategic Cash Reserve Planning: Building a healthy cash reserve is the foundation of sustainable growth. We implemented a tailored plan, empowering them to confidently navigate unexpected costs and ultimately finance the purchase of their fourth dental practice within 18 months.
  • The Power of a Co-Pilot: A financial expert can provide strategic guidance and accountability.

This remarkable transformation wasn’t luck. It’s a direct result of my proprietary M.A.P. Method, a strategic framework designed to provide complete visibility, control, and proactive cash flow management. Through tailored analysis and forecasting, this approach helps you make informed decisions for sustainable growth. Let’s dive into the key takeaways…

Inspired by these results? Due to the personalized nature of my work, I can only take on a few new clients at a time. To see if a spot is currently available and if we’re a good fit, check my availability here: [link]

Section 4: Investing in Financial Stability and Growth (Your Next Step)

If you have come this far, you want to solve your cash flow issues. Either you want to prevent cash flow problems or improve your cash flow from your existing cash position.

Here’s the thing.

Ignoring cash flow issues isn't an option if you're serious about sustainable growth. It's time to invest in a proven solution.

The Cost of Ignoring Cash Flow Problems

If you’ve read this far, you’re serious about tackling cash flow for good. Whether you’re facing issues now or want to prevent them, it’s time to take action.

Don’t let cash flow issues hold you back. Here’s what’s at stake:

  • Missed Opportunities: Don’t let cash flow hold you back from reaching your full business potential.
  • Increased Financial Risk: Unexpected expenses can lead to crippling debt if you’re unprepared.
  • Constant Stress: Cash flow worries distract you from making smart business decisions. I know, because clients tell me about their sleepless nights and frantic emails like this one:


I’m sure you want to avoid these kinds of situations.

Get Your Free Cash Flow Checkup: Your First Step to Clarity and Control

During this checkup, I’ll analyze your key cash flow metrics and pinpoint areas for improvement. You’ll receive a detailed report showing where you’re excelling and where you can unlock potential.

Success Guarantee

I believe in delivering results. Before we start working together, we’ll establish clear goals based on your specific situation. If I don’t help you achieve them, you’ll receive a refund.

Our Offer

Imagine what you could do with:

  • A healthier cash balance
  • Increased profits
  • More time back in your day
  • Reduced financial stress

Is this worth investing in? If so, let’s get started.

Limited Availability

Due to the personalized nature of my work, I can only take on a few clients at a time. Spots fill quickly. Check my availability here: [link]

Final Question

Is reaching your business’s full potential worth investing in cash flow management services?

The answer is a resounding yes if you’re serious about lasting success. Think of the freedom and confidence you’ll gain with strong cash flow at the core of your business!

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