Cash Flow Services for UK based growing small business Owners doing more than a Million in Annual Revenue

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If you are a growing small business owner based in the UK doing annual revenue of £1m plus and you are looking for cash flow services to manage your business growth, you are in the right place.

I’m Shishir Khadka, the UK’s leading cash flow specialist. 

You may be thinking, why should you believe me?

From my experience of working with small business owners and entrepreneurs over the last two decades, I have shared my learnings through major sites such as Float app, Zoho, Independent. I am a professionally qualified Chartered Certified Accountant in 2009 turned cash flow expert.

 I serve my clients through Hungry Cash Flow Ltd using my proprietary cash flow maximization software, Hungry Cash Flow, implementing my proprietary process, The M.A.P. Method, of controlling cash flow. This is what I do, all day every day for a living.

So don’t worry, you are in safe hands.

For example, I helped a dental practice owner doing £1.8m in patient income across three dental practices go from £89k overdrawn to £112k in credit in 18 months.


He bought another dental practice. He is doing combined patient income of £2.7m now.

Here’s what he said


You will find more cash flow stories in the case studies section.

What cash flow services do you provide?

I provide the following cash flow services.

  • Cash Flow Control

Cash Flow control involves managing , analyzing and projecting cash flow metrics and Kpis to ensure financial stability in your business

  • Cash Flow Decisions Making

Cash Flow decisions making involves cash flow planning and cash flow forecasting to make business decisions based on financial facts rather than guess estimate.

  • Cash Flow Optimization

Cash Flow Optimization involves pulling ten cash flow drivers to maximize cash flow potential in the business to ensure consistent positive cash flow to meet short term and long term financial obligations.

Ways To Work With Shishir And His Team

There are three ways to working with me and my team.

Work With Me As Your Cash Flow Consultant (DIY)

You can hire me as your cash flow consultant on an ad hoc basis. Most of my clients engage in this route to start with.  I call it DIY. Do It Yourself.

You ask me specific questions around cash flow. I create a cash report to give you exact cash position and then devise the plan of action to reach your financial goals. Then you do the work. This is why this is DIY service.

From my experience of working with my clients, they engage with me, when

  • making acquisitions
  • Cash Flow clarity on business loan vs Overdraft facility
  • Apply for a bank loan to provide realistic cash flow forecast
  • cash flow health check

You can find out more on this in this dedicated cash flow consulting for small business owner and entrepreneur page.

Work With Me As Your Cash Flow Coach (DWY)

We can work together on the capacity as your cash flow coach.  There will some elements of work I will do it for you and there will some elements the work either you do it or you delegate to your bookkeeper or accountant. This is why it is called Done With You.

We meet once a month or quarter to measure, monitor and maximize cash flow.

From what I have seen, most business owners who work with me, are when 

  • Business is growing and so need a financial health check on a regular basis
  • Values accountability and extra pair of eyes for direction of the business
  • Wants to be on top of finances at all times – values proactive financial insights to propel business growth

You can find out more on this in this dedicated cash flow coaching for small business owner and entrepreneur page.

Work With Me and My Team Provide Cash Flow Management Services (DFY)

You can hire me and my team as your cash flow management service provider.  Because we do everything for you , its called done for you. 

We will set out the deliverables for you on a monthly basis.

We can ensure your business do not make costly cash flow mistakes, ensure you have enough cash for working capital and generate excess cash to fund your business operations organically.

This is all without lifting a finger. Also without any disruptions with your accountant and bookkeeper.

Because of the nature of the work involved, we do have very limited availability.

You can find out more on this cash flow management services page.

FAQs for Small Business Owners

Want help with cash flow services?

If you want help with cash flow services and you are not sure which option is the right for you, then you can book a call. 

Look forward to increasing your cash balance in near future.

Shishir Khadka, qualified as a chartered certified accountant in 2009. He is the creator of cashflow hub– the world’s most comprehensive cash flow resource online and is one of the UK’s leading cash flow specialist who helps busy business owners and entrepreneurs generate more profit and create consistent positive cash flow without over relying on getting new sales.

He has delivered a masterclass to a global software Zoho’s audience to create consistent cash flow. He has written articles for floatapp– one of the leading cash flow software and has also been featured in the major publications such as Independent. He has been sharing his learning and insights on his youtube channel.

He wrote about his learnings from helping an e-commerce client scaled the business cash flow positive from £500k to £1.6m in four years in “The Three Key Obstacles to Faster Growth: How You Can Overcome Them Using Cloud Accounting.

In his career spanning 18 years as the cash flow specialist, he has helped businesses of all sizes, ranging from £40K to £40M.