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Who is Shishir Khadka ?

Are you cash flow hungry?

I get it. As an ambitious business owner, feeling constantly short on cash limits your freedom and fuels frustration – but you have big goals.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Shishir Khadka, a Chartered Certified Accountant with over 20 years of experience analyzing financial statements and helping businesses of all industries and sizes achieve their growth goals through effective cash flow management.

My passion is helping ambitious owners like you feast on the growth potential hidden in your cash flow and I share my proven strategies in my weekly Cash Flow Code.

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See How Dental Practice Owner Transformed Their Cash Flow with the Code

Dr Manish Chitnis, Andover, – From cash flow trapped to run existing practice to buying another dental practice in 18 months

If you are looking for:

  • Strategies and tactics for generating excess cash to re-invest in your business growth
  • Actionable tips to manage your cash flow to ensure financial stability
  • Case studies of success for inspiration


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From Stuck to Breakthrough

"I was working harder and harder, but feeling stuck. Then Shishir found an extra £15.3k trapped in my business. That was the jumpstart I never could have found on my own!"
Brenda Dempsey
Book Publishing Coach, Chessington UK

From Suffocation to Control

"Cash flow worries were suffocating my business AND my sleep. Shishir gave me clarity and control, so I can focus on growth - not just survival."
Dental Practice Owner

From Life Support to Scaling

"My business was on life support. Then Shishir helped me navigate the cash flow storms and scale to 40x growth. He turned financial chaos into a clear path for success."
Darren Gould
Retail Business Owner

Further Praise From Our Readers:

“Five Minutes to Solve Your Cash Flow Frustration isn’t just a newsletter- it’s a Monday morning routine for my business’s finances.” – Colin Scotland – Marketing Coach

“In the time it takes to drink my coffee, I’ve gained invaluable insights that have shaped my approach to cash flow. This is a must-read for any serious entrepreneur.” – Richard Wood- Website agency owner

“Shishir’s weekly cash flow insights are impactful” it is simple to use for someone who is not financial savvy and it has improved my cash collection by 35%- adding £57k extra to cash balance”- Jo Andrews Marketing Agency Liverpool

The Cash Flow Code: Your Roadmap to Clarity, Control, and Growth


Here’s how the Cash Flow Code helps you achieve with the tools and strategies I share in the Cash Flow Code..

  • The Cash Flow Clarity Scorecard-Transform Cash Flow Confusion into Crystal-Clear Financial Visibility
  • The Cash Flow Command Center- Turn Cash Flow Chaos into Predictable Control
  • The Cash Flow Confidence Booster: Never feel blindsided by your finances again.
  • The Weekly Cash Flow Pulse Check- Set customised cash flow system to automate cash flow health check ensuring consistent positive cash flow for your business
  • The Simplified Cash Flow Forecast- Plan Your Future with Confidence to build steady cash flow
  • The Advanced Cash Flow Acceleration: Strategies to create, convert and compound your cash flow

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