Shishir’s Cash Flow System: Unlock Unlimited Growth with the Secret to Mastering Cash Flow

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Exhausted and with mounting bills, Andover-based dentist Dr Manish Chitnis was losing sleep and his passion for dentistry. His outdated cash flow system left him unable to invest in his practice or his future, putting him at risk of financial distress.

 In 18 months, a focused cash flow strategy transformed his business – boosting his cash reserves by 57%, allowing him to raise enough capital to acquire another practice, and ending those sleepless nights. This transformation led to financial freedom.

As Dr. Manish Chitnis puts it, “Implementing Shishir’s cash flow system ensured maintaining consistent positive cash flow to pay for operating expenses as they fall due and generate extra capital for acquisition from cash flow from operations.”

This is the power of using a proven cash flow system to master cash flow.

Here’s what Manish said. Check this out.

I’m Shishir Khadka, a Chartered Certified Accountant, qualified in 2009, the UK’s leading cash flow specialist and the creator of cashflowpedia- The world’s most comprehensive cash flow resource online.

I have been featured in major publications such as Independent, Float App, and Zoho, sharing my experience and expertise on cash flow. I service my clients using my proprietary cash flow maximisation software, Hungry Cash Flow, through my cash flow consulting company, Hungry Cash Flow Ltd.

I help established UK-based, ambitious, growth-minded businesses feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and fearful overcome their cash flow struggles and achieve financial stability and growth with my unique, simplified, and effective 8-step process – The Cash Flow Maximizer Matrix.

Why Your Current Cash Flow System Is Failing You?

From my experience as a cash flow advisor working with hundreds of clients across many sectors, such as dental practice, marketing agencies, retail, art galleries, and travel, over the last two decades, I have come across these reasons why your current cash flow system may be failing you.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of cash flow management? The truth is, it doesn’t require complex math, but it does require a clear system.
  • Maybe you think, “I understand the basics; things will improve independently.” Luck and wishful thinking won’t fix a broken system. Proactive cash flow management ensures liquidity and avoids negative cash flow.
  • Are you constantly reacting to cash flow surprises instead of strategically planning? This reactive approach is unsustainable and hinders long-term growth.
  • Due to cash constraints, do you compromise on your business goals or ideal practices? This limits your potential and can lead to burnout.
  • Is the lack of readily available spending money preventing you from seizing new opportunities or investing confidently in your business’s future?
  • Are you forced to accept any clients or customers you’d rather not to keep the cash flowing? This compromises the quality of your service or product and your satisfaction.

If any of these are true, you must have three things in your business.


Let’s go through them one by one.

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

What do I mean by cash flow control?

Cash flow control means proactively managing the money flowing in and out of your business. It’s about understanding your financial position, making strategic spending and income-boosting decisions, and ensuring there’s always enough cash available to meet your obligations and seize growth opportunities, all powered by a clear cash flow system.

What happens when you don’t have cash flow control?

Without control, your business is at the mercy of cash flow fluctuations, and you would be constantly scrambling to keep everything afloat.

From what I have seen working with my clients, this leads to:

  • Financial Blind Spots: Unexpected expenses can strain meeting payroll at the month’s end. It signifies short-term cash flow issues.
  • Constant Stress and Worry: Uncertainty about covering bills takes a mental toll.
  • Missed Opportunities: Lack of available cash hinders your ability to invest in growth. This signifies long-term cash flow issues.

What is the advice to have control?


  • Understand your true financial picture by regularly tracking income, expenses, and essential metrics relevant to your industry.


  • Implement strategies to curb unnecessary spending, boost revenue, and improve your collections processes.


  • Foster a culture of financial transparency within your team, and seek external help from bookkeepers or advisors when needed.

Case Study: Transforming a Stressed Dental Practice

Do you remember Dr. Manish from the earlier section?

The Problem

Dr. Manish’s practice struggled with tight cash flow and mounting lab bills. The constant financial strain made it difficult to focus on patient care and consider long-term growth strategies.

What We Did (Action Plan)

We helped him gain clarity about his profitability by treatment types, negotiating better rates with laboratory providers, and streamlining his financing dental implant treatment plan billing procedures.

Where He Is Now (Results)

With improved cash flow, he has not only reduced his stress levels but taken his practice to the next level. Key results include:

  • Investment in Primescan intraoral scanner, enhancing diagnostics, streamlining procedures, and attracting patients seeking the latest advancements.
  • Expanded capacity by 8%, allowing him to comfortably serve new patients without sacrificing the quality of care. This was achieved through faster appointment times due to the new scanner and a streamlined scheduling process.
  • Increased focus on high-margin cosmetic procedures, boosting profitability and fueling further growth plans.

As Dr. Manish shares, “This cash flow system didn’t just save my business, it reignited my passion for dentistry. I am a master now, thanks to Shishir Khadka and his team.”

Power Your Decisions with Cash Flow Data

What do I mean by powering decisions with cash flow data?

Powering decisions with cash flow cash flow data means making financial decisions based on accurately timed data for making strategic investments in different areas that need attention.

This is followed by understanding your key financial metrics, eliminating the guesswork, reducing financial risk, and unlocking strategic growth opportunities.

What happens when you don’t power your decisions with data?

Without the guidance of cash flow data, you risk making decisions that could hurt your business’s long-term prospects. This leads to:

  • Misguided Investments: You could sink money into unprofitable ventures or miss out on lucrative opportunities because you don’t have a clear grasp of your financial health.
  • Constant Firefighting: You’ll be in a perpetual state of reacting to cash flow surprises instead of strategically planning ahead.
  • Lost Competitive Edge: Data-driven businesses will outperform those flying blind, leaving you struggling to catch up.

What is the advice to power your decisions with data?


  • Establish a regular rhythm for reviewing your cash flow statement – weekly check-ins for fast-paced businesses and monthly for those with more predictable cash flow. Watch out regularly for cash inflows and outflows. Pay attention to the products or services cash received from different sources – where is most of your money coming from? And also, where is most money spent?


  • Focus on the cash flow metrics that matter most. This might include customer acquisition cost, cash flow margins, project profitability.


  • Identify ways to accelerate the time to convert net income (profit) into cash flow. You can establish a robust credit control procedure to do this. This is called improving your cash conversion cycle.

A robust cash flow system provides the data you need to make informed decisions confidently. It eliminates guesswork and empowers strategic growth by providing an accurate, timely overall financial overview.

You can see an example of this below taken from Hungry Cash Flow software.

Case Study: Marketing Agency Transforms its Growth Trajectory


  • [Name]’s marketing agency was working hard but struggling to achieve consistent profitability and scale their business.

What We Did (Action Plan)

  • We analyzed their cash flow data, focusing on project profitability and client retention metrics. This uncovered underpriced services and inefficient workflows. Armed with this data, they adjusted their pricing, streamlined processes, and implemented a client review system to ensure a good fit for future projects.

Where They Are Now (Results)

  • The agency is now making data-driven decisions with confidence. Improved profit margins have created the financial resources to invest in growth initiatives, leading to a larger, more satisfied client base and a thriving team.

Maximize Your Cash Flow for Explosive Growth

What do I mean by maximizing cash flow for explosive growth?

Maximising cash flow for explosive growth means turning your cash reserves into a powerful growth engine. It’s about proactively increasing cash flow, making strategic investments, and leveraging your financial strength to expand operations and seize lucrative opportunities.

What happens when you don’t maximize your cash flow?

  • Missed Opportunities: Cash hinders your ability to jump on new ventures and partnerships or invest in game-changing technology.
  • Slow Growth: You’ll be stuck in a reactive mode, unable to fund the marketing, hiring, or infrastructure needed for rapid scaling.
  • Vulnerability to Downturns: Unexpected market shifts or expenses can put your business at risk without a healthy cash cushion.

What is the advice to maximize your cash flow?


  • Explore new revenue streams beyond your core offerings. This could involve adding premium services, developing digital products, or finding strategic partnerships. You are simply increasing sources of cash from operations.


  • Cash flow from financing activities can be a potent source to maximise cash flow. Cash generated from financing activities when used wisely, debt can be a powerful tool for accelerating growth. You should seek expert advice on the right type of financing (line of credit, equipment loans, etc.) to fuel expansion strategically.
    Cash Flow from investing activities can be another source to increase cash balance.


  • Be on top of the accounts receivable balance. Optimize your collections processes to get paid faster. Offer incentives for early payment, automate reminders, and don’t hesitate to follow up on overdue invoices.

Here’s what I believe

Your cash flow system shouldn’t just sustain your business, it should be the engine driving its expansion!

Case Study: Retailer Scales Rapidly Through Cash Flow Mastery


  • [Name]’s retail business was experiencing strong sales but struggled to maintain the cash flow needed to scale inventory, expand marketing, and open a second location.

What We Did (Action Plan)

  • We helped [Name] secure a line of credit timed with buying seasons, implement a loyalty program to boost repeat purchases, and negotiate better payment terms with suppliers.

Where They Are Now (Results)

  • With improved cash flow, the business successfully opened its new location, invested in targeted marketing campaigns, and built a loyal customer base, fueling their continued growth.

Can You Afford to Fall Behind?

While Dr. Manish’s story is inspiring, the harsh reality is that many dental practices struggle under the weight of cash flow problems.

Ask yourself:

  • Can you afford to operate with outdated systems or technology when competitors innovate? This impacts your customer experience and competitive edge.
  • Is the constant stress of cash flow impacting your decision-making, your health, and your passion for your business?
  • Does your team feel the strain of tight budgets, hindering their morale and your ability to attract and retain top talent?
  • Are you forced to compromise on your quality standards or take on less-than-ideal projects just to keep the cash flowing?

The Cashflow Maximizer Matrix: Your Key to Sustainable Growth

Many businesses fall into the trap of equating revenue growth with financial health. But the truth is, you can be profitable on paper and still struggle with cash flow.

That’s where the Cashflow Maximizer Matrix comes in.

This framework goes beyond simply tracking income and expenses. It empowers you to measure, monitor, and strategically maximize the cash flowing through your business – ensuring you have the resources to seize opportunities and weather any storm.

Key Components of the Matrix


  • We’ll focus on the essential cash flow metrics that offer a comprehensive snapshot of your financial health. These might include your Cash Conversion Cycle, Operating Cash Flow, and others. This establishes the baseline from which you’ll set your cash flow goals.


  • The Matrix introduces cash flow KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track your progress towards those goals. These KPIs are tailored to your specific business needs and desired outcomes, like improving your net cash flow growth over specific periods.
  • We’ll discuss the right tools for the job. For a DIY approach, you can use the provided spreadsheet to build your own system. For those who want to save time, hassle, and maximize accuracy, my proprietary software, Hungry Cash Flow, offers a streamlined solution.


  • Discover strategies to boost cash flow without relying solely on increasing sales. This includes optimizing pricing, streamlining collections, and finding hidden revenue streams.
  • Learn how to reinvest your profits wisely to further strengthen your cash position, fueling sustainable long-term growth.

The Matrix in Action

Imagine a business with strong sales but constantly scrambling to pay bills. The Cashflow Maximizer Matrix might reveal slow customer payments, excessive inventory, or inefficient spending habits. By addressing these root causes, they can unlock the cash they need to invest in marketing, hire top talent, or confidently take on new projects.

Your Next Step

Check out four specific areas that cover the cash flow system into more details.

Ready to unlock the power of the Cashflow Maximizer Matrix?

Book a call  and let’s discuss how to implement this cash flow system in your business.

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