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Free Tools to Boost Your Cash Flow

Q: Do you offer any free resources to help with cash flow management?

A: Absolutely! We’re committed to helping businesses improve their cash flow.

Here are three ways to get started for FREE:

1 Explore Our Resources Hub: Find in-depth articles and videos on specific cash flow topics

2 Take the Cash Flow Quiz: Discover your unique cash flow pitfalls and receive tailored video training on how to overcome them.

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Curious to find out how healthy your cash flow is? Take this quiz. In less than 60 secs, it will show your situation and the steps you can take to improve.

3 Use Our Cash Flow Calculator: Get instant clarity on your financial situation with our free tool.

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Calculate your cash flow from all sources and have complete clarity on your cash flow situation.

Find Your Ideal Cash Flow Solution

Q. Do you have experience and proof of results I can expect in my sector?

I’ve helped hundreds of clients across the dental, retail, marketing agency, fine art, and travel industries achieve financial stability and grow their businesses, collectively reaching £53.8m in annual revenues. Let’s discuss your specific needs and see relevant case studies – book a call today.

Testimonial from Retail Business Owner

"Shishir helped me to improve cash flow by 35% in 9 months and I opened a new location in Birmingham."
John Austin
John Furniture Ltd, Putney, London

Q. How can I work with you to improve my business’s cash flow?

I offer three ways to work together.

DIY- Do It Yourself . Hire me as a cash flow consultant to give you actionable plan to implement This is DIY solution for someone on tight budget.

DWY- Done With You. Hire me a cash flow coach to work with you – this is Done With you solution- where I give you steps, tools, action plan, you do some work and I do some work for you. think of me like a co-pilot while you are flying the plane.

DFU- Done For You. Hire my cash flow services- this is completely done for you. you can find out more , here is the link to your options.

If you are not sure, which option is right for you, here is the calendy link – I can help you choose the right one

Testimonial from Marketing Agency Owner

"Shishir helped me to improve cash flow by 42% in 7 months and we scaled from £1.2m to £2.8m in 18 months"
Will Chrichlow
Distilled Ltd , London

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Testimonial from Dental practice owner

“Shishir helped me improve cash flow by 25% in 6 months, allowing me to buy a new practice."
Dr. Jack Smith
Wimbledon Dental