Our Editorial Process: Delivering Cash Flow Expertise You Can Trust

Our Mission- Commitment to Cash Flow Excellence

Our mission is to change the alarming statistic that 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow management. With decades of proven expertise, we empower ambitious, growth-driven small business owners with the knowledge and tools to achieve financial stability and growth through effective cash flow strategies.

Shishir Khadka, a Chartered Certified Accountant and cash flow specialist with over 20 years of experience, helping clients to reach £53.8m in annual revenues is the primary author of our content.

He brings a deep understanding of cash flow strategies, honed from working with a variety of clients, including dental practices, retail businesses, and marketing agencies.

An avid guitar player for over 30 years, Shishir applies the same dedication and focus found in music to helping businesses build a strong financial foundation.

All content undergoes thorough fact-checking and review by Ananda Sharma, also a UK-based Chartered Certified Accountant with over 25 years of experience. Her expertise in cash flow and profit improvement, honed from working with businesses in niches such as dental practices, cafes, retail, ecommerce, and travel, ensures our content is accurate, practical, and tailored to the real-world challenges businesses face.


Accuracy and Reliability

Fact-Checking Methodology:

  • We cross-reference information with reputable sources, including government tax websites such as HMRC, leading accounting publications like Accounting, Web, and industry resources such as the Federation of Small Businesses.
  • We are committed to citing all statistics, research findings, and insights drawn from our own in-depth analysis and data gathering.

Up-to-date Information:

Content is routinely reviewed every six months, with a thorough annual review in April to ensure alignment with the latest tax laws and regulations.


We prioritize transparency. All external information sources and studies are clearly attributed within our articles.

Your Cash Flow Success is Our Focus

  • Empowerment: We equip you with the knowledge and tools to master cash flow, providing options for DIY, Done-With-You (DWY), or Done-For-You (DFY) solutions to fit your needs.
  • Practical Solutions: Our content tackles real-world cash flow pain points like irregular cash flow, ineffective planning for growth, and inadequate cash reserves.
  • Real-World Results: We illustrate strategies with anonymized case studies and proven tactics employed by successful businesses, showing you what’s possible.


Maintaining Up-to-Date Information

  • We routinely review our archived content to ensure alignment with current tax regulations and economic trends. We maintain updated information on evolving cash flow best practices in our dedicated [link to best practices page].
  • Our team actively stays informed on the latest cash flow trends and insights by attending industry events such as Accountex, QuickBooks Online events, small business conferences, and workshops organized by leading cash flow software providers like Agicap. This allows us to adapt our content to reflect the most current possibilities for our readers.


Your Privacy Matters

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  • Our Purpose: This data is used solely to enhance our content offerings, provide services you’ve requested (such as newsletters), and improve your overall experience on our site.
  • Your Data is Safe: We are committed to protecting your information and never share it with any third parties.
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  • Privacy Policy: For more details on how we manage your data, please see our [link to Privacy Policy page].


We Want to Hear From You

  • Your Feedback Fuels Improvement: We value your input! Share your insights to help us continuously improve our content and better address your cash flow challenges.
  • Invitation to Share: Which strategies resonated most with you? Is there a topic you’d like to see covered? Share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions at feedback@shishirkhadka.com
  • Join the Community: Join the conversation in the Cash Flow Collective for in-depth discussions, support, and the latest strategies www.shishirkhadka.com/cashflowcollective


Shishir Khadka, a Chartered Certified Accountant and cash flow specialist with over 20 years of experience, helping clients to reach £53.8m in annual revenues is the primary author of our content. His insights have also been featured in publications like The Independent.


Our Editorial Process

Commitment to Cash Flow Excellence

  • Brief mission/commitment statement

Expert-Driven Content

  • Shishir’s credentials and specialization
  • Ananda’s fact-checking role
  • Commitment to diverse perspectives (if applicable)

Accuracy and Reliability

  • Fact-checking methodology (sources)
  • Review process (if formal)
  • Emphasis on staying current

Your Cash Flow Success is Our Focus

  • Practical cash flow strategies prioritized
  • Use of real-world examples/case studies

We Want to Hear From You

  • Content is designed with the reader in mind
  • Invitation for feedback and suggestions